Friday, 19 August 2011

Creative Expressions 2: Art Exhibiton

The summer has come and nearly gone, we're entering the last few weeks of August and here in Northern Ireland the weather is already giving us a preview of winter. Yet we keep our spirits up by drinking warm, fresh, tantalizing coffee in The Press; it's a pretty good consolation prize.
We reopened last weekend and it was a brilliant day! It was also the last Friday for our very special, most treasured intern Meredith. She will be sorely missed, even today we've been sharing our Meredith stories. So Mer, when you read this know your memory lives on in The Press, you will not be forgotten my dear friend!!
Moving onto the upcoming future of The Press Coffee Shop. About April this year I received a tip from a woman in the church that the Arts Forum in Dungannon was going to host another Arts Festival weekend and we're looking for potential venues. I contacted the necessary people and was able to get our coffee shop listed as one of the main venues. What an awesome God moment that was, I truly felt that God opened the door and was nudging me to walk through it. Now I'm excited to see how this helps our relationship with the community and see if we can stretch out our tent pegs and include even more people in our mission here to serve all of God's people equally and love on them.
The Press Coffee Shop will be hosting the second Arts Exhibition: Creative Expressions 2. This year we have three schools putting work in: The Integrated College, Drumglass High School and Sperrinview Special School. We have other work coming from people in the Peace Factory project as well as 7 other individual artists and maybe even a potter. I'm thrilled with the new variety of work we will have on display as well as the live music that we will have going during the evening sessions!! Overall it just feels like another chance to highlight the talent that God has given people to express this journey of life we all are walking together. It's also exciting knowing that the Council has given us free advertising through this event with 10,000 brochures being posted out to every home in Dungannon!!
So if you want to come and enjoy the arts and culture in Dungannon the details are below:
Creative Expressions 2 Art Exhibition
26th and 27th August at The Storehouse, Dungannon
10am-3pm and 7pm-10pm both days
Call 028 8775 2133 for more details and find us on Facebook.
The Cafe will be serving it's normal menu during the day but only cakes and coffee in the evening.

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