Saturday, 29 October 2011

So it's been awhile...

So it's been awhile...and so much has been happening at The Press.

First off is to share with you all the success of Creative Expressions 2 Art Showcase. This year we had the amazing privilege of partnering with our community Council to be one of the venues on their Arts Festival weekend. It was such an opportunity that I feel God opened up for us and the success of the weekend proved that to me. We had so many new faces in, saw incredible artwork that once again displayed the creative abilities God has given each of us, as well as made many new connections with our town, Dungannon.

The weekend consisted of being open both the Friday and Saturday during the day and in the evening. The evening was slightly different as we offered lovely cakes as well as some live musical variety to the event. There was such a buzz about the place and I sensed God walking in our midst on many occasions. He was everywhere and I was very aware of that. Isn't that really what it is, an awareness on our parts to acknowledge His constant presence in every area of our lives?

But overall the weekend was as I had dreamed it would be and then more. I'm continuing to participate in the Arts Forum in Dungannon and love it! Even though I'm not a huge meeting person I find myself energized after an evening of talking about all that's coming up here concerning the arts. I am so passionate about people being able to create and express themselves because I feel it's a direct pathway to understanding God Himself, as He is the Master Creator! I look forward to taking part in the development of Arts in this incredible place.

So I hope you enjoy some of the pics I'm posting of the event! I think you'll get a great idea of just how much talent was on display. Soak up the creativity of these pictures and go create something yourself!!

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