Friday, 18 February 2011

day to day...

Today is Friday 18th February, 2011. I'm sitting at one of our cozy, orange couches in The Press. Jon Foreman plays in the background while the quiet chatter of customers resonates through The Press. My heart feels full and content. I wake up each Friday looking forward to the surprises of the day. I have steadfast volunteers who invest as much as I do into The Press and that moves me. What grabs the heart of someone and causes them to move forward in the role of a volunteer? My hope and desire is that it would be a vision. A vision of what The Press can look like, maybe not tomorrow or next week; but next year or five years from now. A vision that sees each customer as one of God's children who needs to be loved today which may turn into the action of making them the best latte we possibly can, or the best bowl of soup we can just to show them a bit of God's love. It's loving people consistently in the small things of life, day to day. Sometimes I have ugly days, where my heart is black and its those days when someone thrusts the love of God on me that it causes me to stop and ponder. It leads me to the Cross where I, the unloveable and unworthy, received the gift of life through the most major act of love ever known to mankind.
Last week I had the opportunity to meet with two people from our town who help organize an Arts week every year. I'm thrilled to say that The Press will most likely be one of the venues where art and music will be displayed for our small but great community. This makes my heart leap inside my chest!!! I love the arts and to have the opportunity to partner with our community to push this forward means that we're moving in one of the directions I've hoped we would. It's also a chance to express God's love to many more people and that's the purpose. We are a ministry, a coffee shop yes, but a ministry. So from day to day we come and bring ourselves as the resource to be used by God to love on people. What an exciting privilege that truly is. Thank you Abba.

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