Monday, 2 November 2009

Week nine done and dusted

Last week marked the 9th weekend of The Press being open and running! Each week I'm learning something new: how to make soup from scratch, how buckets of rain keep customers away, how one conversation with one person can make my entire weekend! This is such a unique situation that I find myself in. Most people that endeavor on something like this have the huge pressure of making a reasonable amount of profit very early on while I have the privilege of just needing to cover costs. This simple fact has let me breathe in the midst of this project. Moments with one person can equal a win for the week because this is more a ministry than a business.
Yet if I'm honest, I still feel completely out of my depth on so many levels. Marketing is presenting itself as the big, ugly, monster right now and I want to turn and run the other way. Instead I'm trying to simply stand. Stand and think. Stand and look. Then hopefully if I can stand for a few more moments, I can move forward with the information I need in hand to take this dream a bit further. But I will say that I also could use some extra doses of concentrated prayer time alone with my Father and also from each person who reads this. Pray that God continues to give me His vision for The Press; that He sends the ones He's searching for and that I act in obedience straight away.
And for those of you who live near by or can make it out, this weekend we are having another live acoustic set by a guy named Dylan Ruane (sounds quite memorable heh?). He used to come along to Lava a few years back and is pretty excited with the opportunity to have his own set at The Press. So come and give him a bit of support. I think it's going to a be a great night out! The 'other night out' if I'm honest because we're affordable and can be repeated! I'm also going to attach pictures from facebook here from the Official Opening. We had a great night with loads of American cookies up for grabs and the fantastic Andy Young kept us entertained with his musical talents. Hope you enjoy them!


  1. Ya'll are the coolest :) Maybe someday we will get to visit your coffee shop. So how do we get a shirt? Rebeca Carpenter

  2. hey Rebeca! my mom actually made the t-shirts and aprons for me! they are amazing and i get so many compliments on them that i might try to get some made over here eventually if we get big enough to start merchandising. hope you guys are doing well!