Saturday, 12 September 2009

When dreaming becomes reality!!!

So it's official! The Press Coffee Shop in Dungannon, NI has opened. The first weekend was fantastic and full of moments where I tried to keep from squealing because I was so excited that my dream was finally a reality. It's been about 9 months since Jason and Michelle Scott approached me with the idea of running a coffee shop at the church. In so many ways I can hardly believe it's happened and in other ways it seems so natural and the right progression for my personal life as well as where our church is at.
These first few months will be more about finding our feet than being the best coffee shop in town, although I wouldn't mind if we did both. The coffee shop has such a unique feel. We have a wall of artwork that is dedicated to the Dalit's of India (check out OM India if you're curious, you will not regret it). We also have artists within the church who are displaying their pieces in the coffee shop. We've added signage, plants, lamps...all those little things that make it feel a bit more lived in and not so display roomish. We have a very simple menu, are open Fridays from 10-4pm and Saturdays 12-9pm at the moment. And when the night comes the atmosphere completely changes. It's amazing!
This coffee shop is such a labor of love and parallels my walk with God this last year. It raised in me a lot of doubts. Doubts in my ability, doubts that God really wanted this cafe around, just doubts in general. But I feel is has awakened my soul. I love it and I feel that the love I have for this particular adventure is filtering through other areas of my life. It still amazes me that I have this opportunity.
I am just foolish enough to believe that God can use me, someone with some experience but not a lot to do something as special as run this coffee shop. To love on people in this kind of place. Hopefully show them a little bit of the unconditional love and acceptance Christ has extended to me. I just feel really privileged. Thanks's yours.


  1. Looks cozy!
    I have heard that the price for the coffee depends on the plates and dishes it is served with. Is this a true?

  2. Bre this looks awesome! So excited for you! I'm sure it will be the best coffee shop around:-)