Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Where the food ideas will be born...

Onto the next person who will be making part of The Press a reality. Michelle Scott is one of my good friends here in Dungannon and Michelle will be my go to person for food ideas. If you have ever had the privilege of encountering a meal made by Michelle you will understand why I'm asking her for advice. She loves to cook and entertain , plus I trust her instincts -- she's always fed me well so this was right up her alley! Michelle and her husband Jason are the pastors of the Vineyard Church here in Dungannon and we are very happy to call them not only pastors but friends. They have done an incredibe job leading the church into a place of serving our community and we hope The Press will continue that education process. It was this couple who initially approached me with the idea of the coffee shop to see if I was interested so all I can say is thank you for thinking of me. I hope it is all you could dream of!

Michelle and I met up last Friday, the 5th of February to discuss the menu and we decided that less is more. So we will be keeping things on the sweet and simple side as we begin with the possibility of increasing as we go. We will be serving coffee and tea, scones, chocolate chip cookies, hopefully some good old fashioned traybakes and some light options for food like soups and toasties. Now these are our inital thoughts but that can change at any given moment if we realize it won't work or will be too hard to produce. But it's fun to think up yummy lite bites and treats. If you have some amazing recipes that you would like to donate to The Press please just let me know and we will look at them for the future.

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