Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Going backwards...

Now that I have started this blog I decided I needed to go back just a bit to fill you all in on the many people who are helping to make this happen.

I'll start with my husband, Bryan. Bryan and I have been married for close to 7 years now and he is my best friend! Throughout the years I have gone on and on about coffee shops and how someday I would love to run one. So when this opportunity came up Bryan immediately pushed me forward through many of my doubts and fears to a place of thinking that this actually could work. He's believed in me from day one and has walked me through many similar conversations that included all of the reasons why I couldn't do this. But in the end his logic, support and love allowed me to see the endless possibilities. Bryan also has a huge heart for The Press tying into what he does on a weekly basis which is work with youth by investing into their lives, pointing them in the right direction and simply being the amazing consistent person that he is. I don't know how he does what he does except for God given vision and strength. Bryan will also partner with me in running the coffee shop as we get it off the ground. He will be the man in charge of cultivating the musical atmosphere as well because his taste in music is far better and far bigger than mine. So I'm indebted to him for thousands of reasons and this will just be one more! Thank you babe for all that you are, do and say! You amaze me!

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  1. you guys are make an incredible team. I'm going to stop by for coffee and a toastie soon :) by the way what's a toastie?