Friday, 7 June 2013

I declare a National Sun Holiday...

For the past 15 years of my life I have lived in states and countries that have less than desirable weather conditions for the majority of the year. Living in Northern Ireland has consumed nearly the last 9 years of pretty shocking weather. A day in Northern Ireland can possess at times snow, hail, rain and crazy winds with the occasional burst of sunshine. Today however, is not one of those days. 

Today the sun is shining, vitamin D is lavishly being thrown down to our corner of the world and I am thankful. Every person wears a smile, chats casually about the glorious weather and even seems to walk a little bit lighter. On a day like today I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 

Instead of complaining about the fact that I am indoors for the third sunny day in a row, I decided that The Press needed to be taken outdoors. We set up two pop-up tables, placed some flowers on them and let others enjoy the pleasure of al fresco dining. I hope to enjoy a coffee out there before the day is over but for now I take delight in seeing our customers soak up the sun for me. 

I also have a sad announcement to make...this month is the last month that The Press Coffee Shop will be open. We will be closing our doors at the end of June, saying thank you to our lovely customers, loyal followers and incredibly sweet town after 3 incredible years. Bryan and I will then be heading back to the states for a period of time. We will be moving back to Dungannon about January/February time but the future is a little unknown, unplanned and exciting! We are adventure seekers and we are ready to embark once again with new dreams and hopes for the future. I will most likely update the blog again before it's all said and done but I figured our followers deserved to know sooner rather than later. Now get outside and enjoy this weather instead of reading this blog! 

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