Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ah...the Northern Irish Summer

This summer has been a very different one for The Press Coffee Shop because of one very good reason...business! This year has seen The Press get busier than the previous ones meaning that there is more demand for our supply which then in turn means more opening hours and days. I feel like this is a great success story of a small venture that has proved to be a necessary part of our community. 
When The Press opened up it's doors a few years ago, it was slow going. Very few people knew about us, our coffee was not too bad and we were learning a lot. Well, we are still learning a lot, our coffee has become an impressive work of art and loads of people know about us now. We are a quietly, growing, underground experiment in the social realm. If we create a place for people to feel welcome, safe and cared for will they keep coming back? Will they tell their friends and family? We can answer these questions with a resounding 'Yes'! People are coming back to us, raving about the coffee, tasty food and lovely service they receive. All of these things are positive and we are thankful for the chance to serve Dungannon this way.
So how do we take The Press to the next level? That is a great question that I continually have  rolling around in my head. At this point, only God knows the answer but I'm confident that He will let us in on what He's doing so we can once again partner with Him to serve Dungannon through The Press.
We will continue to be open most Friday's with a  few exceptions and the last Saturday of every month for live music. We will also be encouraging some good old fashion community outings by way of the third Creative Expressions Art Exhibitions (see previous shows:http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150271826416245.327557.618891244&type=3&l=0533df7d5a) 
As well as the Art Exhibitions we will be hosting another Art and Craft Fair. All of these events are in the hopes of creating the culture that we want to see in Dungannon, a culture that embraces the arts as an expression of our unique design by our creator God. Embraces people as our number one interest, resource and priority. And finally embraces life as a celebration of all things good! 
So hopefully we will see you some Friday for lunch, some Saturday evening for a coffee and bun and at our events coming up to encourage people to express themselves creatively! 

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