Saturday, 21 January 2012

A New Year and New Beginnings...

2012 has begun and already I feel extremely optimistic about the year. Partly because I have realized that resolutions can be a great enforcer of change in my life when I "decide them early on and manage them daily", thanks Pastor Scott! So with more sleep than I've had in years my energy levels have returned to remind me of my hyper high school days when people constantly questioned me about what drugs I was on, to which I can still happily reply- NONE! So with sleep has come a feeling that I can tackle things that just seemed too difficult in the past and that includes keeping up on the organizing of The Press. It's an amazing privilege to have the jobs that I have and be able to learn, change, challenge myself on a weekly basis but sometimes I just don't accomplish all that I aim to. So this year I would like to aim to give this side of The Press a bit more time than in the past and see what happens. I have some ideas up my short-sleeve Press t-shirt (thanks Mom for getting those and the aprons made!).
I guess more than anything I want to take this space to say thank you to God (Funny how that phrase conjures up images of every music/acting awards ceremony where celebrities toss that saying out like it means nothing). To me it means thank you for letting me have the chance to follow a dream and placing people like my husband, Jas and Chelle to encourage me along the way and so many others (you know who you all are!). Thank you for each person that comes into The Press and drinks the coffee, has a chat and shows me that we are a vital part of their week. Thank you for the mums who come in straight after Jolly Tots and rave about our homemade wheaten. Thank you for Ciaran from Menary's who gave me so much help at the beginning in getting the place set up. There is so much to be thankful for and as I see a new year begin I want to thank God for the years that have gone by and for the promises yet to come. You see me, you know me better than I know myself. By getting to know you more each day, you are showing me who I am in you. I pray I can do the same for others! I hope you all have a year of living out your dreams or even "a" dream! So what are you dreaming of???

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