Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Star of Christmas Craft Fair Prep...

Yesterday a lovely group of my friends who happen to be volunteers turned up to The Storehouse and The Press to get the place decorated for our upcoming Christmas Craft Fair. We had a variety of ages represented and I think each person enjoyed it equally. It was a great team effort by all so thank you to each of you for coming out on your Saturday afternoon to help!!!! It is greatly appreciated and it will help in making the Craft Fair a real success. I've included a few pics of our process so you can enjoy it too!

Now it's Sunday night and I'm starting to run through my checklist of what needs to be done this week for the fair and it's a bit daunting. But what I love is the pleasant surprises I keep getting from different people saying they are coming to help out at the craft fair. Sometimes when I begin planning these types of events I think maybe I've bitten off more than I can chew. Then the true community essence of our church, Vineyard Church Dungannon, seems to be released. Suddenly there are loads of people partnering with me in achieving the vision of the event and I am humbled by God's networking abilities. I am so often overwhelmed by the practical help and constant support I receive in our church. I know our church is not perfect but it is honest, genuine and sincere. People love you where you are and at many stages of my life, that has been what I needed most.
So thank you VCD, for being a blessing! You bless me, our church and more importantly our community and I think Dungannon will experience that by coming to the craft fair.

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