Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The New Year Rolls In...

As a new year rolls in I find myself reflecting on the past year like most people do. The past year saw The Press grow in so many ways...in sheer numbers of people coming through the door, in reputation among our community and in finding our groove. Let me explain each in a bit more detail.

When we first opened The Press I remember a good day being about 20 people and believe it or not that was encouraging to me. Most Friday's now see us serving anywhere on average between 35-55 people! That may not seem like a huge jump to some but to us it has been a stamp of approval that people like what we are doing, that we are being simple yet effective in our approach and it's working. 

Once again we hosted Creative Expressions Art Exhibition for the third year running and we also hosted our second Star of Christmas Craft Fair. These events give us an open door into our community as a way of offering something for people of all ages, backgrounds and interests. The artwork this year was of such a high caliber that it will be hard to top and we had more schools participate than the past two years! We also had about 4 more stalls this year at the Craft Fair. These two events are such good fun and are ways that we can serve the community by offering them something different, creative and local. We are so proud of the results of these events and love giving back to Dungannon. I cannot fail to mention within this though how much work it takes to pull these events off and it would not happen without the help of so many incredibly energetic volunteers!! So thank you to each of you for helping see the dream come into reality!

Over the years we have added small bits to our menu but mainly kept it the same, serving simple yet tasty food made fresh to order. At first I questioned if it would work but as we persevered I was delighted to see that if you do something and do it well it usually works out well. That is what we have found at The Press. Our menu isn't big but we make some lovely, good and healthy-ish food that seems to satisfy most palates that come into our coffee shop. 

Rounding up the year I have to say I am thankful for so many special moments or snapshots that live on in my memory. Conversations had, incredible coffee served, times where I saw people relax and breathe in the space that we provided, laughter filling the room, kids running around and the list could go on and on. We are always going to be in the business of serving and loving people, we just happen to be a coffee shop too! Thank you to our loyal customers, those who stumble upon us, young people and the Council members who support us. Without you we would be non-existent! Happy New Year! May God bless you this year, may You see Him in every area of your life and may you see and experience Him as you come and visit us in The Press! 
(This is a side note: My brother Brent told me about an amazing coffee shop that is also a church. As we are part of Vineyard Church Dungannon, I thought it was great to see a similar vision being played out in another part of the world. Check it out at:http://www.themeetingplacecusco.com)

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